A system for making synchronous, hackable, interactive narrative games.

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Authors and Contributors

Currently in development by @jennie, @cecilycarver and @dxnn for Dames Making Games.

Built with Daimio: https://github.com/dxnn/daimio

Support + Contact

Need help? Tweet at @jennie, @dann, or @cecilycarver


  1. Install Node.js
  2. $ git clone git@github.com:bentobx/iV.git
  3. $ npm install mongodb
  4. $ npm install socket.io
  5. $ node app.js
  6. go to server.foo:8808


What is the difference between ScreenPerfect and iV?

iV is a streamlined fork of ScreenPerfect built entirely in Daimio. It does not include the client/control (synchronous multi-screen) features of ScreenPerfect.

Its development is driven by co-design and co-production principles. Our goal is to create an engine in collaboration with creators that addresses their need for quick prototyping tools, hackable interfaces, and control and ownership over their games' source code.

What kinds of games can I make with iV?

iV is good for making all sorts of browser-based interactive experiences, but is especially good at helping you make text-based interactive narratives, screen-by-screen adventure games, and full-motion-video games.

You can also (optionally) interact with and extend the engine by writing Daimio right inside the interface.


ScreenPerfect concept and development by Alex Leitch for Hannah Epstein's synchronous multi-screen/device installation game PsXXYborg. Additional development support by Dann Toliver (@dxnn). Interfaces and additional support by Jennie Faber (@jennie). ScreenPerfect is built with Daimio: https://github.com/dxnn/daimio

Originating from a partnership between Dames Making Games and OCADU's game:play Lab, this format was prototyped at No Jam 2 in Toronto in November 2013. VideoVideo is a research-led game jam that takes FMV game-making tool ScreenPerfect, inspired by Hannah Epstein's synchronous multi-screen/device installation game PsXXYborg, designed by Alex Leitch and built in collaboration with Dames Making Games using Bento Box's Daimio system for building creator-configurable applications. Part of GRAND FRAGG, VVJ develops tools built from a feminist perspective to facilitate new approaches and new voices in game making.